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I Hear You Inc. would like to encourage everyone to make a lasting change in the life of a child by becoming a Sponsor. My Aunt Cis was my Point of Light and still is today. She had my best interest at heart and was the person who recognized my hearing loss prior to me migrating to the US. She devoted herself by volunteering and committing to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Aunt Cis was always dedicated to other peoples’ needs and willing to help in any form. In Toronto, Canada, she worked at the University of Toronto in the science and medical library where she encountered people with various disabilities in every aspect of her job. She always felt that people with hearing problems were given the least attention as physically and mentally they appeared to be ok to everyone, she was so determined to help in that field because she knew that they deserved the opportunity to have a chance to excel as did everyone. She enrolled in a sign language school and became certified in sign language. Amelia (Cis) Sylvester was a graduate of Anglican High School, St. George’s Grenada, West Indies.

Auntie Cis took direct steps to help me and many other differently-abled people. She made a huge difference to my life and to so many others by her assistance and generosity and by just getting involved. She was an inspiration, motivator and empowered me during my journey. She was also my confidant and one of my biggest supporters. Unfortunately, she won’t see the works of this organization, and won’t get to see the book, touch the pages or feel my love but her presence will always be felt.

Not everyone has an Aunt Cis, but with your sponsorship, you too can make sure a differently-abled child is given the help and recognition that they deserve. You can make a real change today! Thank you for making a difference.


I Hear You Inc. is asking individuals, families, and business owners alike to become a sponsor for a differently-abled child. All children should have the opportunity to live a happy and functional life, and receive the education, accommodation, and assistance that they need to succeed. It is our vision to encourage positive action and direct change within communities, and to improve the lives of individuals who have a disability or impairment. Become a sponsor today, and you can help a child to get the necessary medical and modified adaptive assistance that they need to attain an education, to live a productive life, and to function in the mainstream of society. In addition, to avoid social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, we encourage and foster an inclusive model that will facilitates academic learning, but most importantly facilitates learning to adapt and live in a social world and diverse world. Keep in mind that children with social difficulties experience barriers in contact, play, and interaction with other peers and they are not prepared for reality in the real world.

With sponsorships, the following needs are provided to children with an impairment

  • Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

  • Assistive Aids-glasses, and hearing aids but not limited to.

  • Assistive devices for children who are d/Deaf, and deaf-blind

  • Membership Access to Digital Library

  • Speech Therapy

  • Workshop, and counseling for children and their parents/guardians

  • Sports and Recreational Activities

  • Clothing, Financial and Food Assistance

  • Innovative Summer Academy Program Camp 

  • Sign Language Classes for parents and family members of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children

  • Community Garden Program for youths (Agriculture)

  • Tutoring and Enrichment after-school programs

  • Back to School Bookbag uniform accessories/school supplies

  • Community Awareness Event

  • Transitional Support Intervention Program beyond High School

  • The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Youth Leadership Camp in the US.

  • Youth Mentorship with youths from the US

  • STEM, Technology and Entrepreneurship Programs

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